Thursday, November 15, 2012


yesterday for mutual, we had it combined with the boys. they put it together. the first activity was using a sling shot to make soda cans explode. then  we used 1 sponge to get water from 1 bucket to the other.the first people had to pass it back and fourth, then what i did was , you cant touch the ground. one girl carried me. then, you went backwards then you spin 10 times . the next part was called ice cream or peanut butter we got peanut butter .then we stomped balloons. last we had to find the bouncy balls with your number n all i got 2nd out of 6th place.


I have been mixing up my words. When I said Kassidy I said Klassidy. Then when I said dried, it came out died. I was with a friend and i was telling her how Carley died and theni said she died up but really she dried up. Also when she asked me if i had a pet she said play date . then i told her about our sugar challenge